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Saturday, February 25, 2017
By Shaun Goodrich photography
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LFC Model hitching a ride in front of Shaun Goodrich’s lens

So your asking what is the LFC? “Lingerie Fighting Championships” she goes by  Jolene “The Valkyrie” Hexx and her record is 14-5. Not only being a beautiful fierce competitor in the LFC that has been trained in MMA, Krav Maga, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing (Yikes! You don’t want to piss her off). She is also a Penthouse feature model and also modeled for the apparel company “Affliction”. Now she graces her image on another Tee-Shirt company called “Liquid Lollypop”  called “Americana”. Better get your Bad Ass Tee-shirt (Get it?) of her at before they run out.

Shot by Las Vegas Glamour photographer Shaun Goodrich

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
By Shaun Goodrich photography
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   My good friend and colleague of over 20 years James Hickey L.A. Fashion photographer asked me if I wanted to assist him for Quino sun glasses. A major line he just picked up. The shoot was a big budget production with video, high end models on a movie set. We started our production at 6:30am at "The Four Aces" hotel movie set in Palmdale California where such films like Swordfish, Identity, ZZ Top's "Gimme all your Lovin" and Lenny Kravitz "American Woman" were filmed. James is a great photographer and his editorial take on the brand was great there. I got some great images too. The next day was in the studio shooting the sunglasses on the models faces. It was tricky because of the reflective surfaces, but James figured it out. I was happy to assist him and always will. I always learn something new when I shoot with James. Thank you James Hickey. Look for the finished images and the video in about a month or so. Here are some of the BTS images of James and I taken from my wife Clare's cell phone.


Photographers: James Hickey & Shaun Goodrich


Camera: Canon 6D


Models: Faith Picozzi, Tiger Kaufman and Michael Aronwits