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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
By Shaun Goodrich
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Las Vegas based photographer Shaun Goodrich teams up with Model Factory. Recently I had the privlage of photographing a few aspiring fashion models for Armando Jaramillo owner of Model Factory of Las Vegas.

he has put together a contest with some New York big wigs in the fashion world and the winner will get a modeling contract in New York. Although I photographed a few beautiful models Raquel Williams stood

out amongst the crowd. Raquel (24) stands at almost 5'11 and was a semi-finalist on America's next Top Model, I think she has what it takes to pursue that modeling carreer. I deciced to shoot her in all

reflected light with a gown provided by OF70 of Las Vegas.


Model: Raquel Williams

Photographer: Shaun Goodrich

Make-up: Berenice Herrera

Hair: Victoria King



Photographed with a Canon 6D 160sec F9 160 ISO Reflected light (Studio)