Breast's in honor Breast Cancer Awareness month
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Monday, October 17, 2016
By Shaun Goodrich photography
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So I know what your thinking? Let's see some breasts? Sorry not in this post. But lets talk about them. I recently read a post on facebook about a guy ranting about saggy breasts and how women don't know what they are doing when they get breast implants with saggy breasts? What? It got tons of views. What is he talking about?  Did you know that over 500,000 boob jobs were done in the U.S. since 2015 totaling over 10 billion dollars. The average age is between 30 to 39. Not recent grads. Not porn stars. Not young women on the prowl. So why that age? Yes saggy breasts. I think most women at that age are raising there children so the weight loss from pregnancy makes the breasts sag. Pretty normal. If you have the means get them fixed. Most women go from a B to a C or a D cup.  Shouldn't women accept the breasts the way they are? It’s hard to say. But women aren’t complaining and report higher self-esteem and self-confidence after surgeries. Lets face it men like breasts (so do I) in fact so much we even name them. Here are the top 10 nicknames for breasts. 1) Hooters 2) Tits 3) Boobies 4) Ta Ta's 5) Knockers 6) Rack 7) Sweater Meat 8) Jugs 9) Melons 10) Cans, I know there are tons of others  nick names too. I personally like natural breasts But if a woman wants to adjust the size or shape of her boobs, who are we – or anyone, for that matter – to judge otherwise?

     Now I know there are a lot of charities for Breast cancer. I even see NFL teams representing with the players wearing pink shoes, pink gloves pink sashes etc.. So on October 23rd I will be doing a location charity shoot for Breast Cancer. I am looking for one more model with natural  breasts and no you don't have to expose them. You don't have to be a model or anything like that. I already have a great model Bree James that wants to be a part of this. I can be contacted on facebook or this website if interested.


Photographer: Shaun Goodrich


Model: Bree James

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